May 9th Meeting

Meeting Recap

April showers bring May flowers. They also bring a lot of fresh air and lively spirits to our meeting tonight.

The meeting kicked off with a warm welcome to our guests and guest evaluator Mark. Omar, our president and talented comedian, came up to the stage and delivered three wonderful life jokes to leaven the mood. Then with great expectations and curiosity, we welcomed the prepared speeches from Sanket and Sid. Sanket offered us very useful tips on ‘How to organise our speeches’ and Sid introduced the illuminating ideas from the book ‘Bull’s Eye’ to help us focus on our career goals and attain them in due course.

In the table topics session, Beulah brought innovative ideas on Improv and encouraged everyone to speak off the cuff. We not only had fun practising our improvisational skills but also learnt the wisdom of living in the moment.


Most improved speaker: Sid

Best table topics speaker: Jim


Next week we will host an exciting panel discussion on AI and automation’s impact on engineering profession. Kenji will be chairing the session with a group of expert panellists. It will be an inspiring night!

















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